About Us

Kapresha Is The Owner Of Tonia Boujee Cosmetics. Kapresha Is 22 Years Old Based From Milwaukee, WI But Recently Based In Dallas , TX.


What Made Me Sell Beauty Products??

       I Feel Like Every Woman Should Be Comfortable & Confident In Their Own Skin! Whether You Have Itchy Skin , Dry Skin , Sensitive Skin You Should Be Able Too Use My  Natural & Affordable Beauty/Skin Care Products. Natural Products Should Not Be Expensive In My Opinion. You Shouldn’t Have Too Pay Top Dollar Just Feel Confident In Your Own Skin. Let’s Be YOUR Best YOU TOGETHER!  I Also Grew Too Love Making Lip Glosses & Other Skin Care Products I Have Too Offer. My Products Range From Lip Care , Body Care & Facial Care. Tonia Boujee Cosmetics Is My Passion Everyday Since July 30th 2019 Nowadays I Think Of Ways Too Make My Products Better & Better For Everybody In The World Too Enjoy Using. 

My Lingo : Boujee..Spice..& Everything Nice 

Meaning Behind My Lingo 

Boujee: Be You The Best Way Possible At All Times Because Being You Is As Boujee As You Can Get. 

Spice: What’s Food Without Flavor? That’s Me Without YOU! Always Remember None Of This Would Be Possible Without YOU! I Appreciate Every Single Customer I Have. Without Your Support I Wouldn’t Be As Far As I Am Now… Thank You For Helping My Dreams Come True. Me + You = Spice 

Everything Nice: I Love Your Skin Just As Much As You Do. With That Being Said My Products Are Handmade , Vegan, Cruelty Free Infused With Natural Oils Too Insure Healthy Hydrated Skin. My Products Are Friendly With Any Skin Type.

Q & A : 

Q: Why Do You Call Some Of Your Products Boujee?

A: All Of My Products Are NOT Cheaply Made. I Consider My Products Unique, High Class & Top Quality Made With The Proper Ingredients Too Insure Healthy Glowing Skin. That’s AFFORDABLE!! 



All Of My Glosses Are Infused With:

• Coconut Oil 

•Vitamin E 

• Castor Oil

• Peppermint Scented Oil 

• Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

• Rose Hip Seed Oil ( Rose Infused Glosses) 

• Mica / Lip Liquid Coloring 

All Of My Lip Scrubs Are Infused With:

•Coconut Oil 

•Vitamin E 

• Strawberry Scented Oil

• Grape Scented Oil

• Soybean Oil ( For Chocolate Scented Scrub) 

• Chocolate Scented Oil

All Or Most Of My Body Oils , Lip Oils Are Infused With:

•Coconut Oil 

•Vitamin E 

•Jojobo Oil 

• Rosehip Oil 

* Gold Flakes 

All Of My Whipped Body Butters Are Infused With:

•Shea Butter

•Mango Butter 

•Coconut Oil 

• Jojobo Oil 

• Essential Fragrance

• Mica Pigment ( Does NOT Stain The Skin) 


Men’s Beard Growth Oils Are Infused With:

• Coconut Oil

• Jojoba Oil

• Vitamin E 


Face Mists ( Shimmer Sprays) Are Infused With: 

• Aloe Vera Juice 

• Distilled Water 

• Fragrance 

Eyelash/Eyebrow Serums Are Infused With: 

• Coconut Oil

• Vitamin E Oil

• Castor Oil 


Hair Growth Oils Are Infused With:

• Tea Tree Oil

• Grape-seed Oil 

• Almond Oil 

• Sunflower Seed Oil 

• Jojoba Oil


Face Serums Are Infused With:

• Jojoba Oil

• Almond Oil

• Sunflower Oil


Foaming Black Soaps Are Infused With:

• Rose-hip Seed Oil

• Vitamin E Oil

•Jojoba Oil

• Preservative


FYI **

 Whipped Body Butters:

Shelf Life Lasts For Several Months

- Please Do Not Introduce It Too Water Because Once It’s Introduce Too Water Bacteria Is Allowed Too Grow, Then It Has Too Be Treated Like Something Thats About Too Expire !

Please Store In A Dry Cool Area 

If It’s Hot Where You Stay Keep It In The Fridge!!

Foaming Black Soap:

DOES HAVE A PRESERVATIVE As Mention Above So The Shelf Life Can Last Longer! Our Foaming Black Soap Can Be Used For Any Skin Types. 



Please Email Us For Any Questions